Dr. Sears Faces Second Medical Board ‘Vaccinated Kids Spread Illness’

credit: facebook.com/Dr-Bob-Sears-116317855073374/

It has been just one week since the California medical board accused Dr. Bob Sears of acting in negligence when he excused 2-year old from receiving vaccines. This morning, a second complaint has been launched against him by a vaccine advocate.

Carl Krawitt is alleging that Dr. Sears made statements about his son Rhett’s ability to tolerate vaccines. Krawitt claims the intention was “to scare parents of perfectly healthy children from getting vaccines” and called Sears unethical for commenting about a patient he’s never treated.

Dr. Sears, who wrote the book,  “The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child,” asserts logic that gives parents leeway in following the CDC’s strict recommendations on vaccines (otherwise known as the vaccine schedule).


Dr. Sears attorney, Rick Jaffe, says the complaint is not “viable” due to the child not being a patient of Dr. Sears.

“Like every citizen, Dr. Sears has a first amendment right to voice his opinion on matters of public interest,” Jaffe said. “That would include responding or addressing opinions and statements of public figures.”

Rhett underwent chemotherapy cycles for roughly three years while battling leukemia. His immune system was rendered intolerant of vaccines. Rhett’s family has been told that he is to rely on the concept of “herd immunity.”

Last year Dr. Sears said of the chickenpox vaccine that children “can shed that virus for up to six weeks.”

“Children such as Rhett, bless his heart… shouldn’t be around children who have just received the chicken pox vaccine for a six-week period according to the FDA guidelines,” he said.

Rhett’s father, Krawitt, responding angrily with  “it’s unprofessional for any doctor to make an assumption about a patient that he has neither examined nor reviewed medical records and, moreover, to use it in testimony to an official government hearing is just wrong.”

Dr. Sears also said that doctors should warn children who are getting vaccinated to stay away from children who are unable to get the same vaccines.

Included in Krawitt’s complaint to the board, “proactively worked diligently with us to understand all of the risks imposed on Rhett when he was immune-compromised, specifically those risks imposed by unvaccinated and recently vaccinated children.”