Do You Know What Happens To Those Aborted Fetal Parts and Your Vaccines?


Nothing is more absurd to me than this greatest of hypocrisies. Some of it is because people just don’t know, that I understand, but now they can know. The information is out there. Knowledge is power. So sit back and listen if you are one of the many folks the headline refers to. Abortion is a high revenue business vertical. It is a for-profit business. Thanks to the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, more people are now aware of this, though many remain in a state of denial, as is evident from those supporting Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood. After a baby is removed in disturbing fashion from its mother, the fetus is chopped up into parts. After that, the bidding process begins for the parts.

The situation is a sad and dark reality that until the Planned Parenthood undercover sting took place, was largely swept under the rug: The underbelly of a society’s daily grind.

There is a greater absurdity which exists in all of this. Many of the people who protest that abortions in general, or abortions for profit, shouldn’t be legal, actually inject their own children with the purchased fetal parts. These same parents who choose not to give their children GMOs in their diet or use toxic shampoos on their hair and skin, allow a physician, or worse, a Pharmacy assistant, inject their child with the baby’s parts.


You can’t be pro-life and pro-vaccine.

They are mutually exclusive. They can’t both be supported without glaring contradictions.

Here is a picture of the back of an MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. You will notice Human Diploid Cell (WI-38) as an ingredient. That’s where those aborted fetal parts eventually end up.


That’s the MMR vaccine which is injected into your children.

Have you ever looked at a chicken pox vaccine insert? Here, allow me to help.

This product also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein. – Varivax insert, pages 6-7. (In case you are wondering, MCR 5 is code for the 14 week-old baby boy who had the pleasure of supplying tissue from his lungs for your child’s vaccines.) (source)

The parts are inserted into the vaccine via cells, cellular debris or DNA. Even as proteins. That’s over 25 vaccines at least. You can look this stuff up for yourself, it’s all there, available in non-biased publications. This isn’t pseudoscience. This is reality.

Some vaccine proponents will argue that this isn’t the case anymore and that using aborted baby fetal parts is archaic and no longer done. But this isn’t true, as evidence by Planned Parenthood’s continue business model which is harvesting aborted baby fetal parts and selling them to the highest bidder. The vaccine industry is an enormous cash producing machine. Because of this, aborted baby parts are very valuable. Why else would there be a bidding process in the first place?

Abortion views contradicting vaccine views are rampant. This is mostly due to a complete lack of education over the matter. In other words, many people just genuinely don’t know. Then there are the people who know, but decide to continue living a life of bold contradiction (they are against abortion, they are for vaccines).

Vaccines aren’t just profitable, they are an evolving, growing vertical. Yesterday it was announced that Statin Vaccines are now on the way. The flu vaccine push this year has been unprecedented even in the aftermath of subsequent failures. In a decade, unless we are able to stop the beast from growing, we may triple our vaccine output. So what then does that say about the market for aborted baby fetal parts? It’s something to consider, sadly.

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