Department of Veterans Affairs Hires ‘Incompetent Surgeons’

image credit: pixabay

If you are a veteran in need of having surgery, hopefully you aren’t stuck with having it performed at the VA like many of our Vets are. A former Des Moines surgeon who was accused of incompetence, was swiftly hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in South Carolina, The Des Moines Register is reporting. Alan Koslow agreed to pay $5000 to the Medical Board for exhibiting professional incompetency in the practice of surgery in the state of Iowa (source). He was said to have engaged in “a pattern of disruptive behavior in violation with laws and rules governing the practice of medicine.”

To be more specific, his choosing to operate on high-risk patients, as well as making mistakes prior to and after surgeries, seem to be at the heart of the matter. In other words, the Medical Board felt this guy was so bad they fined him and wrote him up. This however did not stop the VA’s William Jennings Bryan Dorn Medical Center in Columbia, S.C. from hiring him.

“We are following the requirements outlined by the Iowa Board of Medicine and have done so for 100 percent of his cases. He has performed appropriately in regards to clinical safety and quality,” VA spokesman Dwayne Rider wrote in an e-mail to the Register. “Dr. Koslow is collegial and collaborative with the Dorn leadership and medical staff.”


Good to know, I guess? Part of Koslow’s agreement with the Medical Board was to pay $5000 in exchange for maintaining his medical license. He also is on five year’s probation and is forced to have his work reviewed by another surgeon. Koslow actually doesn’t have a medical licesne in South Carolina, which might lead you to ask how he is pulling this off, right? The answer is a rather convenient one.

South Carolina’s medical board does not list Koslow as having a medical license there. However, physicians are allowed to work at VA hospitals anywhere in the country as long as they have a valid medical license from at least one state.

That settles that, I suppose. These are our veterans, yet we serve them up incompetent doctors? This really shouldn’t make any sense.

A VA in West Virginia acted similarly when it hired Robert Finley 111. His mistakes caused six patients to die. He even has wrongful death suits against him by a former patient family.a veteran