Confirmed: FB Now Preventing Sharing Of Articles About ‘Compulsory Immunization’


This story ran on last week and dealt with the increased censorship on social media. Social media is now the largest outlet for news distribution and all of the companies seem to be involved in censoring the message of their users. This has seemingly been most noticed recently in politics and of course, Big Pharma. Natural News posted an investigation into what has been happening.

Natural News has now confirmed that Facebook is deliberately blocking article posts that contain the phrase “m-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t–ns.” We obviously cannot even include the complete words here, or this story will also be blocked by FB.

Recently, when we attempted to share stories on FB that contained the phrase, the stories were completely blocked, along with a message that warned the article “violated community standards.”


When we replaced the phrase with “compulsory immunizations,” the article was accepted by FB and allowed to be shared.

So, if you ever wonder why you have some trouble sharing a passionate article that perhaps questions ideals and beliefs that seem to be being forced upon is just Facebook making sure your beliefs are in line with theirs.

We thank Natural News for their investigative work. It is something we have noticed for the last few months and has seemingly been increasing lately. Read the full post here.

For the near future, you may see less usage of the “V” word until these filters have been removed.