China Giving Ineffective Vaccines To Millions For Years


As the recent Chinese scandal involving millions of doses of vaccines, and fraudulent behavior that has existed for over 6 years, more information is coming out that China has been giving out ineffective vaccines for years with no noticeable outbreaks versus those that receive normal vaccinations or those that choose to remain unvaccinated.

It is estimated that 2/3 of the children born in China over the past 5 years have received improperly stored, ineffective, expired vaccines. The vaccines being given include 25 kinds of vaccines – including for polio, mumps, rabies, hepatitis B, encephalitis and meningococcal diseases – to medical facilities across 24 Chinese provinces since 2010

China has arrested 135 people in 22 provinces for illegally buying and selling vaccines, in the latest scandal shaking the Chinese public’s confidence in vaccine safety.


What’s worse? Apparently China lied about this issue for a year. According to, Chinese authorities have known about the matter since last April. To worsen the situation, the 47-year-old pharmacist who has been detained was convicted of the same offense in 2009 but received a suspended sentence.China was likely covering up the scandal as a way to not draw negative attention to vaccines, but in doing so, they put their entire country at serious risk.