Wednesday, January 17, 2018

University of Missouri Just Lost All Their Leverage.

University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned after a series of protest over alleged racial difficulties on campus likely forced the University's hand. One of the stand out protest included all the black players for Mizzou's football team sitting out until he was removed. ConcernedStudent1950 protest organization released a list of demands on October 20th, one demand being that Wolfe...

Ben Carson ‘Not Fair For [Transgender People] To Make Everybody Else Uncomfortable’

flickr carson
Ben Carson is staying the path when it comes to speaking his mind. The Republican Nominee, often noted for his reserved demeanor during debates, suggested that Transgender people use separate bathrooms. "How about we have a transgender bathroom?" Carson asked when Ramos asked him about the now-defeated ordinance. When the host asked him if that's his solution, Carson said. "Sure,...
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