Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Must See TV: Alec Baldwin Impersonate A Parent

This may be his best impression yet. Listen how he calls his 12 year old daughter "a pig", "a bitch" and threatens to hit her with a brick. Gotta love the Hollywood elite! Can't wait to straighten her ass out. Great stuff to a 12 year old!

BREAKING: Dr. Ben Carson Accepts Cabinet Position

Here we go.. The dream team is coming together nicely.

Michigan Pushes Anti Jill Stein Law

Michigan lawmakers are rushing to push through a law to block future attempts like the one they are currently dealing with. The frivolous waste of money lawsuit brought by Dr. Jill Stein. As Michigan lawmakers currently look for money to repair water lines poisoning their residents, Stein is burning up taxpayer money in the state. Now lawmakers are rushing the...

A Reporter Heads To Assange To Ask A Question..

This is pretty great. A reporter for the Showtime political show, The Circus, went off to the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to do a story on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks role in the US election. While outside a building ordering a pizza near the embassy, they were contacted by a man that said he knew Assange and could pass on...

Woman who filed first Flint lawsuit against Government MURDERED

A woman who led the bellwether Flint water crisis lawsuit was one of two women who were found murdered inside a Flint, Michigan townhouse. Both of the women were shot to death. If it sounds like something out of the movie, Erin Brockovich, it just might be. Sasha Avonna Bell was one of the first people to file a lawsuit...

NFL Stadium May Soon Allow Fans To Carry Guns

According to an article published in Sports Illustrated, two Seattle stadiums may begin allowing fans to carry firearms into stadiums. Both Seattle's Major League Baseball and NFL stadiums have bills proposed by conservative legislators. Conservative legislators in Washington state are proposing a bill that would allow fans to bring guns into sports stadiums including Safeco Field and CenturyLink Field in...

Huffington Post Office Selfie VS Pence Office Selfie

Well, this is embarrassing for the fake news media outlet Huffington Post. After attempting to embarrass the Vice President-elect Mike Pence, have a look at the cultural diversity at Huffington Post editors meeting: Oops!

University Of Chicago Warns Incoming Freshman ‘No Safe Spaces’ and ‘No Trigger Warnings’

While most Universities are crumbling under the pressure of Social Justice Warriors and the PC crowd, the University of Chicago has essentially told the system to "shove it." Making it clear they want to prepare kids for the real world, the University has sent out a welcome letter to incoming freshmen which warns them that they shouldn't expect to...

Stephen Hawking Now Globalist Wants One Government

Physicist Stephen Hawking believes that technology might now be our biggest mankind threat. I believe prior, he felt it was aliens who might move in and possess nefarious agendas. He also believes climate change is going to destroy us. Now, it might be your iPhone or the pokemon app and he's got a solution in mind: more government control. Specifically, a...

How To Survive A Social Justice Warrior Attack

This survival guide is intended for the use of the individual who finds himself under attack by Social Justice Warriors for standing up against them and their  ever-mutating Narrative. It may be freely distributed so long as it is correctly credited to SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police by Vox Day. The eight stages of the SJW attack...
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