Thursday, October 19, 2017

CNN Caught On Hot Mic Laughing About Trump Plane Crash

CNN doesn't exactly make secret their disappointment in Donald Trump being the President-Elect. So you might imagine their private conversations would be magnificently more egregious than their on-air rhetoric; and you'd be right. A hot mic caught CNN's Suzanne Malveauxjoke laughing about the possibility of Trump's plane crashing. Now, she's laughing in hypotheticals, not on actual suspicion, but the video...

Police Caught Conspiring Against Protester in New Video Recording

On September 11, 2015, Connecticut resident Michael Picard was filming a protest near a police DUI checkpoint in West Hartford. Unbeknownst to the troopers who confiscated his camera, it was rolling while they appeared to fabricate criminal charges against him. The ACLU of Connecticut sued the police officers for violating Picard’s rights. At one point in the video, the officers...

Man Finds 100’s of Voter Ballots Tossed In Trash

Voter fraud is now turning up across the country. The only ones seeming to be catching it, are private citizens. Earlier this week numerous Twitter accounts claiming to be Postal Workers promised to toss out ballots intended for Republican voters. Those cases are being investigated (that means they really aren't). Well, now Postal Workers in Berkely, California are apparently...

Coca Cola Has Insiders Working For Corrupt CDC

Coca-Cola is one of the largest soft drink providers in the world. Their influence worldwide goes beyond the scope of logic and reasoning. They commonly sponsor the Super Bowl. Their product has also been heavily linked to cancer, diabetes and weight gain. But none of that has really mattered, they’ve thrived anyways. Maybe its that enormous marketing budget. Maybe...

Rex Tillerson Just Put The News Media In It’s Place

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a businessman. His business now is to get the best deals for the Citizens of the United States. A very refreshing approach. Now, as he settles into his work routine and is working away, his patience with the fake news media has reached a boiling point. He has since cleared out the media from his...

Autistic Child Cries After Teacher Rips Microphone Away During Play

A Thanksgiving school play turned sour after a teacher swiped a microphone from its stand just prior to a young boy speaking into it. The boy is autistic. His mother took to Facebook with the following sentiments. "I was all excited to go to Caleb's play everyone did a good job. I left in tears because one teacher Mrs. Linsey...

India Government Stops Gates Foundation Vaccines

Reports have been surfacing that the Bill and Melinda Gates work with the National Health Mission (NHM) has been terminated. On Febuary 9th, a report surfaced that the Gates Foundation vaccine program in India was being terminated from Government health agencies, however, non-vaccine health initiatives would remain. The report conjured up deep suspicions that the Indian government was pulling away from it's...

POLL: Should Trump STOP Mandatory Vaccinations?

What do you think? Should Donald Trump put a stop to Mandatory Vaccines? Vote in our poll below.

Islamic State Claims Responsibility For OSU Attack

No big surprise. Anyone seen President Obama come out and celebrate the heroic behavior of the Police officer that saved lives? Has he come out and condemned terrorism yet? Inauguration can't come soon enough.

Bill Mitchell: THEY Are WRONG A Lot..

Always keep this in mind when you see the fake news media sites telling you that your thoughts are wrong.
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