Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Aerial Zika Pesticide Spraying Over NYC Could Cause Birth Defects

New York's Department of Health is launching an all-out assault against mosquitoes amid growing concern about the Zika Virus. While assuring residents that the virus is not spreading in the city, it says local mosquitoes are spreading other diseases like the West Nile Virus. With mosquito season upon us, the city is going to begin a three day aerial bombardment of...

Map Shows Thousands of Children’s Parks Sprayed by Monsanto Chemicals

Two new interactive maps showing where glyphosate is being sprayed to "fight Zika" have been published on Google. The map shows that the cancer-causing agent is being sprayed heavily around parks and communities around the San Francisco Bay area and Portland, Oregon. [googlemaps] The Portland map alone  shows a total of  1,592 locations (at the time of this post) where the...
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