Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Breast Feeding Mom Kicked Out Of Court By Judge

Stephanie Rhodus says that when she breastfeeds her 8-month old son, Archer, he doesn't like the feeling of being covered up. So when Rhodus was feeding him during a court proceeding, a judge demanded she cover up. Rhodus said the judge "terrified" her. The judge lambasted her and inevitably kicked her out. The audio recording of District Court Judge Peter...

Georgia Mother Beats Daughter On Facebook Live As Punishment

A Georgia mother used Facebook Live to beat her daughter as punishment for "having sex in her house and posting sexual photos and videos on Facebook" Facebook soon after removed the video, but a copy was uploaded to Youtube. Taking over her 16-year-old daughter’s Facebook page, Shanavia Miller yelled into the camera: “I’mma need you to make this viral, please,...

Big Tobacco’s Scam To Kill Vaping Just Worked.

Electronic cigarettes: by now, you've likely seen them on the streets, or maybe you have even used one yourself to quit smoking. Many people report that "e-cigs," as they are known, are one of the most effective ways to quit smoking. Now the FDA will have to approve all tobacco related products which are not currently regulated and were produced...
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