Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Big Tobacco’s Scam To Kill Vaping Just Worked.

Electronic cigarettes: by now, you've likely seen them on the streets, or maybe you have even used one yourself to quit smoking. Many people report that "e-cigs," as they are known, are one of the most effective ways to quit smoking. Now the FDA will have to approve all tobacco related products which are not currently regulated and were produced...

Angry Girl’s Roadside Rant Against Millennials ‘Lazy, Entitled………..’

A girl was so fed up over the millennial culture that she decided to pull over her car and take them all to task. Well, I’m not really sure she actually pulled over to do this, but she made it seem so. And that’s not the point. What is the point is that her rant calling millennials lazy and...

Target Also Used To Fund ‘Anti-Gay Groups’

This isn't about which policy is right, it is about not falling for some corporation's marketing scheme. The reality is, they are all smoke and mirrors when it comes to social issues. The gay and transgender community have been relishing in a victory. Target, the gigantic manufacturer who sells everything from sponges to grills to lady razors, has decided that...
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