Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS During Landing


So what’s causing global warming again? Let’s be clear here, the earth’s changes are often cyclical, but any contributions enhancing such are likely derived from Government intervention. Weather engineering is a hazardous business for the greater public and the environment. Sadly, anyone who even considers this as a possibility is labeled as a “conspiracy theorist.” People post pictures of the trails all over the internet but the government continues to deny the existence. The government acts with complete autonomy in these cases because convincing people of chemtrail reality is tough business. And most people honestly don’t care enough. Development of this sector is huge in the sense that it could tip the scales of world domination. Imagine being able to influence hurricanes and typhoons? Or tornadic activity?

In this video, a pilot appears to land his / her plane forgetting to turn off the chemtrails, which leads to an eerie nighttime scene. Many believe this to be proof that chemtrails exist.  Some are calling this foggy conditions, but see it for yourself and decide. Are these chemtrails?