BREAKING: Zika Cure Found On Ebay for $15.99


Big news out of Florida State University, where a research team from FSU, Johns Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health have discovered the cure for the much worried about Zika virus.

The virus which had been blamed for Microcephaly outbreak in Brazil, then seemingly caused little to no damage in Colombia and Puerto Rico, had failed to garner much attention in the United States as Congress failed to even approve any funding to fight the virus. Although recent efforts by President Obama had demanded the funding level be set at $1.9 billion dollars.

Now, the research team has seemingly found the cure in a common, readily available drug for the treatment of tapeworm.


One of the identified compounds is the basis for a drug called Nicolsamide, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved drug that showed no danger to pregnant women in animal studies. It is commonly used to treat tapeworm.

This could theoretically be prescribed by a doctor today, though tests are still needed to determine a specific treatment regimen for the infection.

The drug is commonly available on Ebay for $15.99. Big Pharma probably has it’s wheels in motion to markup the drug 1000% to bring it to US market.