Brad Pitt Investigated For Child Abuse


Reports out of Los Angeles from Tmz and Daily Mail about alleged child abuse allegations involving Brad Pitt that have lead to the divorce filing by Angelina Jolie in Los Angeles.


From the Daily Mail article:


  • Brad Pitt is ‘under investigation by the FBI’ amid claims he was abusive to his children
  • There are claims he became ‘wasted’ and started screaming on private jet while the family was travelling home from France
  • The alleged incident occurred when the plane touched down in Minnesota on its way to Los Angeles 
  • Source close to star insists he ‘did not commit any abuse of his children’
  • On Thursday, a police car was seen arriving at the Jolie-Pitt compound in the Hollywood Hills, where Pitt is believed to be staying at this time 
  • Jolie wants her children to have a relationship with Pitt claims a source, but no visitation at this time 
  • She and the children are believed to be staying at a rental home in Malibu    


Both sides have been animate that there was no extramarital affair and that both are committed to their children, despite false reports that Pitt had engaged in a relationship with his Allied costar Marion Cotillard. 


On Wednesday, Cotillard revealed that she is pregnant with her second child and vehemently denied having an affair with Pitt.

Really didn’t see all this coming for this couple. But after the Johnny Depp reports, I guess nothing is surprising.



Photo by Gage Skidmore