Colorado’s Bill Requires Non-Vaccinated Children to Report Themselves

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The powers that be in Colorado are making a move largely resembling Nazi Germany. A bill has been introduced in the state House which would require parents report non-vaccinated children to the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. According to CBS4 in Denver, the bill is really just a harmless way to keep up with your children’s personal health records (of course).

“What this bill is not about is requiring more students to get vaccinations. It’s about who will keep charge of the records,” said Rep. Dan Pabon, a Democrat representing Denver.

Of course, not all parents see this as a harmless policy, including Christine Carter who has four vaccinated children in the system.


“I have the freedom to report what I’m going to do with my children or not,” said Carter. “I don’t think it’s the government’s business.”

I have to give credit to the parents who support vaccination yet are able to be objective and see when their liberty is being desecrated right before their eyes. This is not an issue of whether or not vaccines cause harm, this is an invasion of privacy, a Nazi-like way to collect public records on the peoples. Colorado has some of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, a stat which, in my opinion, creates a breeding ground for removing rights. Like terrorism, once people are afraid, they tend to overlook being stripped of god-given liberties.

Allowing the government this type of record keeping allows the government to turn around and pass mandatory medication laws and easily track down children who opted to not take a specific medication. What’s to stop them from forcing Adderal on your children? Or Paxil? This isn’t just about vaccinations, it is about common sense awareness of government overreach. This is allowing pharmaceutical companies access to your children’s shot records. Could one day the government go door to door vaccinating the unvaccinated and arresting those parents? Of course, that’s the greater goal in all of this. Don’t allow yourself to be blind to the facts when the facts are right in front of you.

I’m sorry to those of you who feel the article is out of line making the Nazi comparison, however, the bill in and of itself lends itself to the comparison. This is exactly how undesirable government intrusions begin. There is no reason on earth that this bill should even be considered by any state. It is a complete desecration of the constitution, which by the way, continues to get stripped and re-interpreted out of convenience for fear mongering. You can watch the CBS news report video below.

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