Big Pharma Admits Zika Is Already Over


Well, this about sums it up. When the biggest benefactor of a vaccine realizes that the gig is up, shouldn’t the rest of us? is reporting very little interest from Big Pharma in vaccination for the Zika Virus.

“A lot of companies, including our own, have invested a lot of money to bring vaccines forward just to find those epidemics petering out.” Dr. Jon Heinrichs, leads Sanofi Pasteur Zika project.


For now, vaccine development seems like a risky venture for manufacturers that have recently taken part in a string of emerging diseases rodeos, from SARS and Ebola to the West Nile virus and the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Those efforts have required significant investments on the part of major pharmaceutical companies, and have yielded either modest or no financial return.

When the 2009 flu pandemic proved to be milder than feared, a number of countries refused to buy all the vaccine they ordered. Multiple companies raced to make an Ebola vaccine in 2014 but by the time most of the prospects were ready to be tested, the outbreak had been brought under control.

As microcephaly cases have all but vanished in the most Zika exposed areas, the most damage seems to have been done to Florida where cancellations of vacations and travel have been as high as 40% to the state. Likely causing billions of damage to the local economy over what is mostly considered to be a flu-like response to Zika Virus.

We hope that the CDC will finally be held accountable for their overreaction and desperation to generate funding.