BEWARE: Children’s Vaccination Records Possible ‘For Profit’ Business


When we think of data collection in terms of vaccination records, we often think of these government privacy intrusions as a way to force more vaccinations; a way to cull out the unvaccinated and prevent anyone from hiding. This, of course, is valid, but the business of vaccine records could also be extraordinarily profitable, a fear that looms over many Australians today. A new article in exposes a nasty truth about scare campaigns used to compile vaccination data on people as a way to create profit. 

Health spokeswoman Catherine King is asking that Malcolm Turnbull NOT privatize confidential records, but the greed may be all too much for officials to deny themselves.

King said in a statement that nobody believed Turnbull when he said he wouldn’t privatise Medicare. “He is already selling off important health functions. This is just the beginning of his privatisation agenda.”


He had awarded a contract for Australia’s cancer screening records to a for-profit company, she said.

King said the register should only be run by government or a not-for-profit organisation.

Everyone should read this in full so that you can understand how slippery this dangerous slope actually is. People are simply not aware at how easily confidential records can be sold. And that’s a terrifying extra layer in an already dismal situation when it comes to vaccines.

Vaccines are profitable to pharmaceutical companies and some Doctors. But to add on their records being profitable makes things a lot more complex and difficult.

Basically, your schoolchildren’s medical records could begin falling into the hands of “for profit” businesses. Those same business would then of course, push for mandatory vaccination because mandatory vaccination always leads to increased record keeping.