Australian Mom Promotes Vaccine Free Childcare


An Australian mother who has chosen to adhere to her own personalized vaccine schedule rather than that of the profit driven reckless government schedule decided she wanted to offer child care to like-minded mothers looking to raise their children in a chemical free environment.

The mother is under attack for wanting to provide children with:

Heidi Street is seeking interest to set-up a her own vaccine free childcare
Ms Street turned to a secret Facebook group to promote the Sydney-based care
She said she would run the childcare from her own home, for ‘3-4 children’
She told of how she had ‘a strong passion for children’s health and wellbeing’


She posted the following ad in her Facebook group to judge interest in such a childcare facility.

Currently, any sort of vaccine free or reduced vaccination schedule is punishable in Australia. They now withhold children’s benefits and have now plan to introduce legislation to banned the children of vaccine safety advocates at all child care facilities.