Attorney General Loretta Lynch Vows To PROSECUTE Americans Over Anti-Muslim Rhetoric


Welcome to America, a place where an international terrorist group can murder your own citizens and your country reacts by offering shelter to their protection by threatening to jail Americans. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has done just that. Only days after a terrorist mass murder by ISIS representatives, and she’s out pushing anti-American agendas.

“The fear that you have just mentioned is in fact my greatest fear as a prosecutor, as someone who is sworn to the protection of all of the American people, which is that the rhetoric will be accompanied by acts of violence,” she said.

“Now obviously this is a country that is based on free speech, but when it edges towards violence, when we see the potential for someone lifting that mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric—or, as we saw after 9/11, violence directed at individuals who may not even be Muslims but perceived to be Muslims, and they will suffer just as much—when we see that we will take action,” said Lynch.


This woman truly disgust me. What about respecting the victims and their families even if just for a few days before pushing your pro-Muslim agendas? What happened to our nation? This seems mostly like a Government that wants to help spread the caliphate, not one wanting to stop it. Notice she left her sentiments vague, it isn’t as if she specifically said “people who do harm” will be prosecuted, just those who she feels like use their free speech in a way that she interprets it as “violent.” In this case, we are at the mercy of her pro-Muslim interpretations. When do we begin to defend our nation again?