Arkansas Mumps Outbreak Update: Now At 196 cases, Media Continues To Blame Unvaccinated


The Arkansas mumps outbreak is now up to 196 cases and the health department is warning that unvaccinated children may now miss up to 6 months of school as they expect the outbreak to last for at least 6 months. Five days ago the total was 150. Currently, the school district has sent home all unvaccinated children, even though none have tested positive for mumps.

We have reported over the last week of students being bullied into vaccination, the spread to Enid, Oklahoma,  and the fact that none of the unvaccinated children have tested positive for mumps.


It’s centered in northwest Arkansas, where the Health Department says the opt-out rate for vaccinations exceeds any other area of the state.


State law allows parents to claim medical, religious or philosophical exemptions from school vaccination requirements.

Arkansas Department of Health has told parents that the ADH hopes to contain the mumps outbreak by scheduling large vaccination events.

The outbreak is the state’s largest since 2010 when five cases were confirmed.

Yet, somehow, the unvaccinated are to blame.

This is the update sent to residents in the area: