WATCH: The Antibiotic Apocalypse: Superbugs Are Arriving & That’s Very Bad


Antibiotics are considered one of the greatest innovations of our time. They’ve saved lives and made our world safer. But unfortunately, pharmaceutical greed blended with medical misinformation have resulted in too many antibiotics. And now the bacteria it once fought is fighting back. Doctors have long overprescribed antibiotics and consumers of antibiotics often take them habitually, inappropriately for inapplicable sickness, and at too high of a volume. And then there is our food supply, the animal meats we purchase, which is often highly infested with antibiotics which were used to “protect” the animal or even to fatten it up for the market.

In the video, we learn that bacteria¬†spread their immunity through “hugs,” allowing resistance to be spread through a population of bacteria. This leads to “Superbugs,” ¬†bacteria which is immune to multiple antibiotic expressions. And this has caused mayhem and put us on the precipice of some pretty severe illnesses. Many parts of the world don’t even have access to much-needed antibiotics while in other regions of the world, such as ours, it has become a commodity. Antibiotics have become a wasted science. Antibiotics should be a last resort. Instead people with colds are taking them a handful of times a year.

So how dangerous is this phenomenon exactly? Very.


So what can we all do? Well for starters, we must educate ourselves over the matter. The fact is, Doctors aren’t likely to entirely come around (although I’d admit, they have gotten better with the matter). Overprescription is a huge problem and not an easy one to solve. The fact is, people are habitual users who see antibiotics as a first resort. They don’t depend on their immune system, and they’ve allowed their bacteria to wage war against us. It is not a war we are capable of winning.