Anti-Vaccination Couple To Be Sentenced In Death Of Son Ask For Public Support…


In an interview using Facebook live, Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey speaks to David and Collet Stephan’s regarding their upcoming sentencing in Lethbridge, Alta. later this week. The couple, who have been convicted of failing to provide the necessaries of life to their son, Ezekiel, who died of meningitis in 2012. The couple expressed their views against vaccinations and were subject to a legal and public witchhunt. Now they are asking for supporters to rally at the courthouse on the day of the sentencing.

“We need to get people out to the courthouse to take a stand for this,” he said.

“Ultimately it comes down to whether we have the right to vaccinate or not vaccinate without being held criminally liable, or whether or not we have to rush our children to the doctor every time they get even just the sniffles, in fear that something may just randomly happen and then we’re held criminally liable.”


The interviewed was conducted as Bigtree and Polley are in Canada promoting their anti-vaccination documentary, Vaxxed.