Anti-Fluoride Group Charges Deception, Conflict Of Interest

Photo by Dan Lockton

One of Fluoride’s boldest claims is that it prevents cavities in children and adults. The claim is at the centerpiece of a marketing campaign that has long allowed them to maintain a stronghold over fluoridated water and toothpaste. The problem, of course, is that there is no proof that fluoride helps prevent cavities.  One anti-fluoride group is choosing to fight back against an old campaign for toothpaste. A story published on reports a story whereas Secure Arkansas, and anti-fluoride group, is fighting back against an old toothpaste commercial which utilized the headline “Look, Ma, no cavities!”

A classic toothpaste commercial featured the line, “Look, Ma, no cavities!”

An organization that is fighting a mandatory fluoridation law is now claiming, “Look, Ma, no cavities report.”


Secure Arkansas, a self-described grassroots organization, has charged that a former official for the Arkansas Department of Health (AHD) used deception in getting the passage of Act 197, mandating fluoridation for water systems serving over 5,000 customers.

According to a piece on the Secure Arkansas website, Dr. Lynn Mouden, who was the director of the AHD’s Office of Oral Health, “used a non-existent survey to try to prove that people in a non-fluoridated area have more cavities than a fluoridated area.”

These charges are extremely troubling and represent a deep conflict of interest on the part of Mouden. This is a blatant example of abuse in power, which is all too common when it comes to fluoridating our society. Secure Arkansas later went on to say that the Delta Dental Foundation provides the grant money for the startup costs for all fluoridation installation.

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The Daily Times contacted the office of Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. Communications Director Judd Deere responded to an inquiry as to whether the matter was being investigated.

“The Attorney General is bound by her obligations to the department as its attorney,” he said. “Furthermore, the Attorney General does not have statutory authority to investigate public trust issues and therefore is not investigating the report or the Department of Health. However, Attorney General Rutledge takes any allegation in which the public trust has been violated, including this instance, seriously and refers it to the proper authority.”

Deere declined further comment.

So basically the Arkansas Attorney General plans to do all of nothing. A public health situation, built on a foundation of fraud, and absolutely no repercussions will come of it. That’s about as disheartening as it gets. These are the people in positions which are supposedly in place to help us, but instead they actively and publicly participate in the fraud. My hope is that this group can find other means to push for justice in this situation. This is the health of our nation, our children, at stake.

Photo by Dan Lockton