American Horror Story Targets Anti-Vaccination Parents

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Hollywood has opinions. You don’t have to ask them to find out what they are, either, they are often conveniently embedded inside of their pervasive show and movie reels. They are scenarios and props blending conjecture into a dim plot-line which is just fast enough to not lose the sheep, and just dumbed down enough to not, well, lose the sheep. Enter American Horror Story: Hotel, Episode 5.

The plot depicts the spread of a contagious disease spread by vampirism (measles). Chloe Sevigny releases a terrible measles super virus upon the population when she releases the child of an anti-vaccination mother into the free world. A vampire measles breakout at a school turns the children against the superiors. I am pretty sure a lot of anti-vaxxers are murdered.

But that’s not really the best part of this ordeal. The best part is that the pro-vaccination community (and not the ones who believe in freedom of parental choice), ran with the plot as if it were a real life scenario. In other words, Hollywood packaged up vampire measles which causes a child to murder entire school staffs, and sold that crap right down the throats of a lot of dumb people. And the Internet essentially exploded over it – as if it were a real thing.  I’m not going to get into the further plot details of the show, I personally hate it. And honestly, it doesn’t matter. But what is interesting is watching pro-vaccination people take to the Internet to use this opportunity to support vaccination movements. And it is kind of gold, also.  This guy is one of my favorites. He blames the fictional character for not vaccinating the boy, which caused a vampire measles outbreak.

Vampire sickness, well it could have been prevented. Because of course it could have.

Keep in mind that the show features canibalism, murder, blood sucking and satanic themes.

If vampire measles causes children to murder us all one day, remember, it could have been prevented with a simple quick jab. I want you to really consider the repercussions here. A hollywood show pushed out a fictional, not even close to the mark, plot, and people used it to support their sociopolitical ideals. How did all these people react after seeing Mad Max – Fury Road? You can stop wondering why a handful of non-injurious measles cases in Disney turned into mandatory vaccination legislation in California. It is easy to see how the manipulation feeds from the naive and uninformed.

This is the perfect, ripe example of propaganda filling the minds of the weak. Forget about what you believe when it comes to vaccinations, just consider the idea of what happened here. A show decided to push an agenda (it isn’t their first time) and create a plot specifically written to influence people to believe in a bias. And it worked. And it was written in pure fantasy. There is nothing wrong with fantasy, but when it is used in a Hollywood script to subjugate, it isn’t a good thing (for either side).