AMAZING: ESPN’s Sage Steele ‘Too Many People of Color Choose To Spew Hatred’


ESPN’s Sage Steele grew up in a military family. She has never been shy about her respect for the military and she doesn’t look kindly upon those who choose to kneel or sit for the Anthem. Recently, Tampa Bay Bucanneers wide reciever, Mike Evans, chose to do just that. She let him know that she didn’t appreciate it.

She was immediately attacked by another NFL player, Miko Grimes, who called her a “stupid bitch.”
“This stupid b—- thinks national anthem sitting equals hatred for military! U ignorant little b—-! F— sage and @kateupton @sagesteele,” Grimes tweeted Monday.

“Black b—–s get white privilege then forget SOLDIERS FOUGHT FOR EVERYONE’S RIGHTS, NOT JUST THE RIGHTS YOU CARE ABOUT! @sagesteele,” Grimes continued.

So Steele came out with mic drop.

Here is Sage Steele on the field of the 2016 World Series.