A Whole Lot of People Take Prescription Meds

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Photo by Charles Williams

A new study surveyed 38,000 adults aged 20 and older and found that 59% of Americans took prescription drugs as of 2012. That’s up from 51% in 1999. That’s incredible. And completely frightening. While that rise might not sound like a lot, it suggest a very ugly trend.

Results indicate an increase in overall use of prescription drugs among US adults between 1999-2000 and 2011-2012 with an estimated 51% of US adults reporting use of any prescription drugs in 1999-2000 and an estimated 59% reporting use of any prescription drugs in 2011-2012 (difference, 8% [95% CI, 3.8%-12%]; P for trend <.001). The prevalence of polypharmacy (use of ≥5 prescription drugs) increased from an estimated 8.2% in 1999-2000 to 15% in 2011-2012 (difference, 6.6% [95% CI, 4.4%-8.2%]; P for trend <.001). These trends remained statistically significant with age adjustment. Among the 18 drug classes used by more than 2.5% of the population at any point over the study period, the prevalence of use increased in 11 drug classes including antihyperlipidemic agents, antidepressants, prescription proton-pump inhibitors, and muscle relaxants.

People in the 65 or older group were taking 5 or more meds. I’m not a Doctor, but that sure sounds like a lot. The 65 and older sect of our society is extremely susceptible to big pharma’s marketing campaigns and I am sure Doctors immediately push these people into meds. This isn’t me saying all meds are bad, it is just me saying a 65 year old person on 5 different meds sounds fishy.


I highlighted antidepressants on that list, because honestly, that med is just complete fraud at this point. People going in for depression aren’t even asked about what they are or aren’t eating, if they exercise, or what other environmental issues might be effecting them. Instead, they are given happy pills. And often times, when those pills fail, they are given new pills to help the failed pills work (it sounds like a joke, but it is actually completely real). And it is totally pathetic. Antidepressant use grew from 7% to 13%. Scientist conclude this is from “people’s“shifting attitudes regarding depression.” The shift is probably what they are presented with at the Doctor’s office, or what they see on TV while trying to watch a Football game.

Photo by Charles Williams