8-Year Old Dies From Polio Vaccine

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Photo by Padmanaba01

For the first time since 1993, the polio infection has been found in Laos. The death of an 8-year old boy was reported back in early October, but the odd, secretive details were rather swept under the rug. The boy contracted the polio infection from the vaccine itself. A detail somewhat trivialized, however, worth repeating for all those who know that vaccines pose a threat to our livelihood.

According to the Washington Post.

WHO officials said that genetic sequence showed that the virus was derived from an oral vaccine and that it may have been circulating in Laos’ Bolikhamxay Province for more than two years. The oral polio vaccine contains a weakened virus, and when a child is immunized the virus replicates in the intestine and is excreted by the individual. In places where there are sanitation issues, this virus can infect others in the community before dying out.


Health officials blame a low immunization rate in Laos for the death, but that’s nonsensical in logic. It is admitted that the child obtained the infection from the vaccine, which really has nothing to do with low immunization rates. If immunization rates were high, wouldn’t we have had more polio cases seeing the derived source was the vaccine? The reaction, of course, was to activate emergency immunization plans. If this were any substance other than vaccines, the substance would have been terminated, at least temporarily, until further investigation. But in this case, more of the substance is ordered to be injected into the people. The logic here fails.

The WHO claims that vaccine derived illnesses “pale in significance” in comparison to how much they “help.” But who records this data? And if the village hadn’t had a case since 1993, then didn’t the WHO reintroduce the illness? It is important to follow the logic here. Because it is arrogantly senseless.

Whenever world Governments get caught red handed, they fall back on pushing more vaccines onto the people. Vaccines are the biggest cover up in world history and the situation is only getting more dire with each passing day. We need to take a stand against these atrocities.

Photo by Padmanaba01